Re: DigitalSky Voice and AP600E

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Hello Chris, and others who may of seen such a problem,

Here is what I would like you to do:

This problem is due to a run-time file problem and can happen with some
implmentations of DSV.

ok 1st, what release / version was your original cd/rom ??? when you
first bring up DSV what release number is in the 'main info window upper
left corner in green on the screen...2.xx.xx

1) using the control panel in windows use add/remove to remove DSV
(digitalsky voice ) from your computer. If the system assks to remove
'shared components' say YES to this.

2) after windows completly removes DSV
delete the following directories with windows explorer please:

c:&#92;program files&#92;astro-physics <-- delete from astro-physics and down

c:&#92;program files&#92;common files&#92;microsoft shared&#92;speechengines
<-- delete from speechengines and down

c:&#92;windows&#92;speech <-- delete from speech and down

3) remember only the directories above, do not delete program files, only
the botton directories and down from the point i indicated.

4) now re-install your cd/rom of DSV at this point. simply go through the
entire reintall. if your release version of before 2.02.18 ..then vist
please the web site and obtain the latest and greatest release frorm the
transporter room the current release if 2.02.18 obtained by downloading
setup16.exe from the transporter room, your enterance to the transporter
room is obtained with a password found on the inside cover of your users

5) install the setup16.exe if you do not have 2.02.18 yet.

6) re-start DSV now and re-enter your location etc... make sure you used
originally the mike wizard to ensure the proper input volumes for DSV.

by the way what type of computer?? ..i know you are on windows 98...but
what is the brand of pc..laptop or desktop?? and what is the sound card make

Thanx...please let me know how it goes...i am here to help in any way I

Charles Sinsofsky
author: DigitalSky Voice

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From: Chris Spratt <>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 9:30 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] DigitalSky Voice and AP600E

This is a repeat post as the other one from last night never appeared.

I've had problems DigitalSky Voice with and without the cheap
microphone I use? The program quits after one or two inputs from mike
or mouse. I use a laptop from IBM 1412i Thinkpad with 64k ram,
soundcard, 366 Celeron chip, all on Com 1 with 6'cable. No problem
at all linking to the 600E GOTO mount and the first one or two moves
(voice or mouse) do work but very slowly. After that no response
although I can quit the program okay. Running Win98.

Ideas anyone (the computer very expensive is new last summer!!!)

Chris. Spratt

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