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That cable router insert is only available for A-P1100 or A-P1600 mounts, not in Mach1.


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Oh yeah?  I didn't get one with my Mach1 two years ago.  Is this something I can order?  If so, what's the part number?  My manual described the rolled sheet of plastic routine and didn't mention any specific part.

There is a black plastic machined tube that is included with every mount we ship. That machined tube fits exactly into the RA axis and is designed specifically to keep the wires out of the polar scope optical path.
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I have the RAPAS on my 1100GTO-AEL, and have several cables through the mount.
When I unscrew the cap and look through the hole in the mount at the RAPAS, I see some of the cables blocking the view.
What's an easy way to avoid this?  I've tried moving them with my fingers but they rarely stay.  Would putting a tube in the hole work?  I don't see any easy way to fasten the cables to the inside of the mount.

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