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Rolando, do you think it could be dew forming on the OUTSIDE of the chamber's cover? I baked my desiccant for FIVE hours and the mark, just like Steve's, was back within two days. We were having intense humidity in those days.


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Steve, you have to understand something about optics. Anything that is on the primary mirror or secondary mirror will ALWAYS affect every pixel of your imaging device in precisely the same way.
Obviously in your picture, you have some pixels that have some defects, and other pixels that do not. This is IMPOSSIBLE to occur because of any defect on the primary optics or the secondary mirror. You could place a blob of horse manure any where on these two mirrors, and you would not see a picture of the manure on your image. All that would happen is that the image would get dimmer.
Basically your CCD chip has frost on it. Happened to me all the time with my STL11K before I recharged the dessicant.
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