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I strongly recommend you get VNC Tight (free). Load it on your PC that's in your observatory, and load another on your indoor PC. It works thru your own wireless modem. Very easy and reliable.

Steve E

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I believe you can do this using the "SkyFi" device from Simulation Curriculum (used to be Southern Stars).  This is a battery operated device about the size of a Smart Phone that connects to your mount with a serial cable, and then communicates via WiFi to your computer.
I've read that with the proper software interface it works with TheSkyX but I haven't tried it yet.  But it's on my list.  I have a SkyFi, TheSkyX Pro and a Mach1.  They're all supposed to work together -- once you have the proper software interface and know what you're doing.
If you get your system working first, let me know what you did.
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Would it be feasible to use WiFi to "talk to" the mount by using a plugin WiFi on the mount's serial port?

I suppose this be feasible but haven't seen any info on this.

Chris. Spratt
Victoria, BC

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