Re: Run_time error 55 file already open message when trying to use driver

Stuart Heggie <stuart.j.heggie@...>

Are there any parts of this that need to be run in administrator mode again to re Register? Wondering if your registry cleaning step erased the correct registration in error. 


On Thursday, August 20, 2015, bradgregley10@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

My AP Ascom V2 driver was working fine for a few weeks now on a Wins 7 pc.

Today power got interrupted after using it last night and when I started it up tonight I got the above error when trying to connect to the mount using the driver through Sky X or simply the driver.

It adds cannot creat activeX component.

Any suggestions on how to repair this? I have reloaded the driver, Ascom Platform, run a pc registry cleaner but not an activeX repairer.


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