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I use an RC with an outside focuser and CCD Inspector - easy to collimate, and very very very accurate - and since focus outside means it stays in collimation forever - unless I move it.

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I would seriously consider twice³ before buying an RC. It is extremely critical concerning collimation and the least you are off you will see astigmatism on-axis.
Collimating an RC is a work of art, especially with the GSO models that mechanically are nowhere near as precise as the premium brands. That also means that all the mechanical aids will not perform and the only real way of collimating an RC is with the star test. Remember there is not 1 but 2 optical axis that need to be set.
I've been struggling for over a year now to get it perfect and still the stars are not round everywhere in the field. (although progress was made)

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Maarten Vanleenhove

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Is anyone doing this that could share their results.

I would be at 39 lbs, before Dec balance (if needed)

I am a bit disappointed with my Edge 9.25, but that may be due to the fact that I cannot possibly reach the optimal 5.75" Sensor distance specified in the Celestron white paper with my current imaging train.

In any event I feel I should cut my losses and go with something that has a more user friendly setup on the imaging train. (and a fixed primary)


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