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Jim, I have it printed out. Taking it to the tattoo parlour to have the
bits I need inked onto my forearm. ;-)


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Hi Konstantin.

I have rad the manuals but I can never find THE one with the pictures when
I do something stupid a three AM. Micheal's PDF will now be on the
observatory desktop.


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this says to me you never read the manual. There are so much good and
ineresting things to read. And you can learn how the mount is working.
You can find it:

Technical support Keypad manuals


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As a related issue. I'm always confusing the various park positions. Is
there a quick link to the AP web site with the pictures of each one? If
not, could you set one up?

From my Android Galaxy S3 phone on T-Mobile.

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DO NOT SYNC. Do the routine that I suggested in my previous e-mail.

Loosen all clutches, hold onto the scope, send the mount to Park3. You can
use the keypad if you want to make things easy. Once the motors stop
moving, physically place the mount into Park3 position and lock the
clutches (no need to be exact in placing this position). Next, check to
make sure the mount is operating properly by sending it to Park2. It should
not move in RA and just swing over in Dec. Once you have verified that this
is correct, the mount is ready for action.

Now do a GoTo to any bright star and let the mount go where it needs. Once
there, center the star and do a RECAL (No Sync required). Recal is safest
because you are not reconfiguring the mount, and Recal works even if you
are past the meridian. Recal is always done by the same software that you
did the GoTo and always follows a GoTo. In other words, you let the mount
determine the position in the sky, modify that position by centering and
then correct this new modified position with a Recal command. That way you
are not trying to tell the mount something that is wrong. The mount always
knows where it is in the sky UNLESS you tell it an untruth (such as syncing
on a star beyond the meridian with scope upside down, or syncing on
Arcturus when in reality it was Vega).


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Yes, that is consistent with the behaviour. Like suddenly it thinks it is
in the southern hemisphere. But I checked the ASCOM driver and it has the
right Long/Lat. Still, I can try syncing on a star in the East and see.


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I think the guys are correct, seems like side of pier is reversed

From my Android Galaxy S3 phone on T-Mobile.

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I've tried everything else. Will advise. Not sure I can do it tonight.
Getting tired. Busy weekend. Am pooched. Thanks Steve!


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I may be off on this but try a star in the east and see if that makes a


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Steve, this is new to me! Thanks for this idea. I definitely have "Treat
sync as RCAL" checked in the driver but never thought it mattered where in
the sky I performed that sync.


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Use a star on the east side of the meridian and maybe also check the
ASCOM driver for sync being treated as recal. I’m on squad duty right now
and can’t tell you the full text in the driver but this is an option that
helps keep the syncs from doing just what happened to you.


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Steve, no, Arcturus is low in the Southwest for me right now.


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So you are syncing on a star east of the meridian?


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Seriously. Last night my AP900GTO CP2 behaved perfectly. My camera on
the other hand ...

Tonight, clear again, camera working properly again, the mount has
totally lost its mind. I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong nor what
I'm doing differently.

AP900GTO CP2 E1 chip
TSX Latest Daily Build
ASCOM connection to the mount via the ASCOM Astro-Physics GTO v2 Mount

I had to move the scope to remove the camera this morning. I put the
camera back on this pm. At twilight I manually moved the mount to point at
Arcturus. Tighten the RA and Dec knobs firmly.

I click on the FIND tab, type in Arcturus, click FIND. Up comes all the
detail. I then go to the Telescope tab, click on StartUp->Synchronize and
tell it to sync on Arcturus, into the existing model which should behave
like a RCAL per the ASCOM driver advanced tab.

TSX then reports that I'm pointed at Arcturus and I see a close-up of
the FOV with my chip superimposed on the star field and Arcturus centre of
the chip.

I then try moving the scope to a nearby star and it flies off into an
entirely different part of the sky and is clearly about to dive below
horizontal and hit the pier with the camera. I try every combination of
clicks (all of which worked before) and no matter what I try after syncing
on Arcturus, the scope slews wildly in the wrong direction.

I'm stumped.

Stuart Heggie

Stuart Heggie

Stuart Heggie

Stuart Heggie

Stuart Heggie

Stuart Heggie

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