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Roger that. Okay - I will still use your instructions Thursday when I return to the observatory. I really appreciate the help.


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The Park positions are NOT in the CP1, 2 or 3. They are calculated in external software. The keypad is an example of external software. Also external software is the ASCOM driver, APCC and others.
CP1, 2 and 3 are just simple servo drivers that control the operation of the gears, nothing more or less. The CP controllers just translate RA/Dec to gear angles and power the motors. There is a built-in memory for PE correction curves and for present gear angles of the two gears, but that is about it.
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Marj, for those of us using the CP2 controller still, does our ASCOM driver allow Park 4? I am away from my observatory - sorry.


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Although the document clearly shows all park positions – in both hemispheres – we need to add a bit more text to explain that the keypad currently has Park 1,2 and 3 as options. We will add Park 4 as a selection with the next keypad release.
Park 4 can only be implemented when using the ASCOM driver or APCC.
It is very important to remember that you can park anywhere you want and the position will be saved to the GTOCP3. At the start of your next session, simply select Resume from Park from your keypad, ASCOM or APCC. Assuming you did not move the mount, it will know exactly where it is.
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Is this direct enough?


At 02:54 PM 8/18/2015, you wrote:
>well, the modern manuals don't have pictures of the park positions. the
>Keypad v4.12 manual does (for park 1-3), but not the keypad 4.17
>manual. and NONE of the mount manuals actually shows the part
>positions. (so claiming the manual has never been read may not be accurate)
>there IS a PDF on the A-P website under technical support that does show
>all of them but due to the design of their website, there is no such thing
>as a direct link to anything other than the main page.
>go to technical support, german equitorial mounts, and there is a link
>labeled park positions illustrated.
>i am sure one of the AP personnel could upload it here.


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