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Steve, no, Arcturus is low in the Southwest for me right now.


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So you are syncing on a star east of the meridian?




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Seriously. Last night my AP900GTO CP2 behaved perfectly. My camera on the other hand ...


Tonight, clear again, camera working properly again, the mount has totally lost its mind. I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong nor what I'm doing differently.


AP900GTO CP2 E1 chip

TSX Latest Daily Build

ASCOM connection to the mount via the ASCOM Astro-Physics GTO v2 Mount driver


I had to move the scope to remove the camera this morning. I put the camera back on this pm. At twilight I manually moved the mount to point at Arcturus. Tighten the RA and Dec knobs firmly.


I click on the FIND tab, type in Arcturus, click FIND. Up comes all the detail. I then go to the Telescope tab, click on StartUp->Synchronize and tell it to sync on Arcturus, into the existing model which should behave like a RCAL per the ASCOM driver advanced tab.


TSX then reports that I'm pointed at Arcturus and I see a close-up of the FOV with my chip superimposed on the star field and Arcturus centre of the chip.


I then try moving the scope to a nearby star and it flies off into an entirely different part of the sky and is clearly about to dive below horizontal and hit the pier with the camera. I try every combination of clicks (all of which worked before) and no matter what I try after syncing on Arcturus, the scope slews wildly in the wrong direction.


I'm stumped.



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