Pier Construction

Mark Jenkins <markj@...>

I posted this to alt.binaries.pictures.astro but have yet to get a response.

Looking for any and all advice for constructing my permanent pier.

Is a solid concrete pier better than a steel tube set in concrete?

Initial thoughts are:

Dig a 4' x 4' hole 7' deep.

Pour 1' thick of reinforced concrete with 4 "J" bolts set in the concrete.

Fabricate a steel pier that is constructed using a 8" - 10" mild steel tube
5/16" to 1/2" wall thickness with a 3/4" x 2' square plate on the bottom.
Paint with industrial grade epoxy both inside an out. Use the bolts at the
bottom of the now 6' deep hole to secure and level the pier to the footer.
Fill the hole with reinforced concrete and let cure for about a week. Fill
the steel tube with concrete and let cure. Weld a 3/4" steel plate on top to
be used to fine adjust the level of the Meade SuperWedge or AP 400GTO that's
due in July, or future AP mounts like a 600 or 900.


would it be better just to pour concrete in a sonotube with bolts at the

Looking for a proven design and willing to go to extremes to assure complete

The sonotube/concrete only solution has me worried about cracks in the
concrete where the bolts protrude. Are these fears unfounded?


Mark Jenkins

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