Re: Spurious guider move command?

Roland Christen

Response below:

Hi Rolando. I was surprised by your max move settings. I have been using .01 min and 3.0 max and when I used the CCDware min/max calculator I got .5min and 2 max.
0.5 min is wrong. 0.5 means that the guide star can move 7.5 arc sec (0.5x15=7.5) before a guide correction is sent to the mount Clearly wrong. 2 Max means that you are allowing the mount to go 30 arc sec correction, which is wildly excessive. Why would you ever want any software to send such a huge correction signal to the mount?

So with guiding a Honders on an AP1600 what would you recommend for guide exposure lengths, backlash, aggressiveness setting and min max settings?
Min setting of 0.01 to 0.03 depending on how well polar aligned you are and the steadiness of the sky.

If you make your guide frame smallish does that mean you do shorter calibration times for the autoguider?
Small guider frame has zero to do with calibration. They are not related.

Is it best practice to calibrate near the meridian and does mean you need to reverse X commands after a meridian flip if you do that?
Meridian flip always requires checking the reversing box. Unless you go thru the trouble of re-calibrating on the other side.


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