Re: Milky Way Mosaic

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Ya baby! Nice one Rolando!


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Hi All,
After a week of imaging during variable clouds and periods of clear, I managed to get most of my Milky Way H-alpha mosaic. I still have to go back and re-shoot some of the noisier frames.
This is a 6 panel mosaic starting from the Crescent nebula going south. Each panel consists of a number of 15 minute exposures, number depending on how clear the skies stayed during each imaging session (anywhere from 4 to 14 subs). There is a lot of stuff there. Have fun identifying it all. I will post a larger version in the Astromart Gallery.

I used the 130EDX with Quad TCC running at F4.6, STL11K CCD camera, guided on the Mach1 mounting.


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