Re: Electrical Grounding Advice - should I worry about it?

Michael Turner


Since you brought up the Motorola 56 Manual, another GOOD book on all types of grounding for communications facilities is:


In its various incarnations, I lived "by the book" for over 26 years in military "ma bell" communications facilities such as microwave, longhaul cables, troposcatter, satellites and yes, computers.

When we added a media room and an observatory to the house in 2009, I drove the electrician totally nuts because he did not have a clue of how to effectively harden a facility against the wonderful earth and sky lightning  that occurs in Tucson every year,

Just food for thought.


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My suggestion is to go through all of the links I sent and at least arm yourself with a basic, working understanding of grounding for lightning and ESD protection.
The Motorola R-56 manual used to be an expensive yearly subscription with annual updates but several years ago Motorola chose to make it a free download instead.  Everyone should download and keep a copy for your observatory reference library.

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Thanks all for the replies.  This is clearly above my pay grade - I have no idea how to operationalize this great information for a home telescope system :)


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