Re: AP ASCOM driver v2 and MaxIm 6

Jim Finis <jfinis@...>

I think this is a known issue I had the same problem until I made the following change

In Camera Control

Select Options

Under advanced uncheck (DO NOT use) “Access camera from a separate thread”


Hope that helps



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I'm having the same problem when slewing. Although I do not see any errors manifested.

"The telescope moves but MaxIm continues to say "Slewing - Moving Scope" in the Telescope tab forever (until I disconnect the mount), and the N/S/E/W controls remain greyed out. I can turn tracking on and off so it appears MaxIm is talking to the mount. Clicking the "Abort" button causes the message to change to "Slewing" but the buttons are still greyed out."

Is there any fix for this?

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