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ericj <ericj@...>

Hi Ron:

Congratulations on getting your new 1200 GTO mount. Since you already owned
an AP 600 mount you already had a good idea how nice they were. However,
although I had seen AP 900 mounts at star parties I didn't really get a
chance to appreciate the quality of the workmanship until I received one a
couple of weeks ago and assembled it. The last equatorial mount that I owned
was an AP 706 mount. Since then buying AP optical tube assemblies as they
came available took higher precedence over mounts so have been using my
refractors on home-made Dob mounts. It will be nice to have tracking again,
particularly for the planets.

Clear Skies,

Eric Jamison

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Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 9:52 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] The call came today

OK, need to share some news with folks who will understand.

Got email from AP today, my number came up for a 1200 GTO mount.

I said yes.

Counting the days.....

Ron Wodaski

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