Re: Question re TSX and my AP900GTO CP2

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Don, thanks. My controller is CP2 not CP3. I am not so sure that it can be upgraded like you've described. Do you know?


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The firmware upgrade is done to the CP3 servo controller via a new ROM chip. The cost is about $80. It is a relatively simple procedure and you can do it yourself. Contact George at AP.
Don Anderson

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Subject: [ap-gto] Question re TSX and my AP900GTO CP2

All - I looked on the website and didn't find anything quickly so sorry if this was discussed before ...

I have Version 'D' of the firmware in my CP2 controller on the AP900GTO. I am just commissioning a second set-up (AP155EDF / AP900GTO / STL11000). Everything is connected and behaving but I am getting the odd communication error on slews via TSX. When I looked more carefully into the help on TSX it states that it requires version 'G' or higher of the firmware.

How do I update my firmware? (this mount has been in storage for quite a few years so it is certainly out of date)

Or do I have to upgrade to the CP3 controller? (ouch)


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