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Michael Turner


After converting all of my Astro cables to APP, I decided to keep a "failsafe" item in my tackle box:
Fortunately I have not need it, but at the recent Grand Canyon Star Party, a fellow astronomer had a need for just this item.  After a frantic search, someone pointed him to me.  The CigBuddy saved his night.

Concerning the mount power cable conversion, I just bit the bullet and purchased another AP power cable and whacked the cig lighter adapter off by taking it apart and clipping the wires; I have enough "spare" lighter adapters.
This method uses the AP provided cable and keeps the locking end of the cable "factory stock".


At 12:11 PM 6/19/2015, you wrote:

    While I’m like you and don’t want to ruin a perfectly good cigarette lighter plug - since it might some day be needed to plug into some other P/S with a mating socket, the idea of using both the cigarette plug and a Power Pole adapter cable, seems counter productive.
    Just a heads up - Depending on the depth of a mating cigarette lighter “socketâ€�, and the “strengthâ€� of the plug’s spring, that connection could easily come apart on its own – even on your adapteer. Plugs with soft springs are more reliable. I have had situations where the mating socket was somewhat shallow, meant for “realâ€� automotive cigarette lighters (which are short stubs), and the plug kept springing itself out. Most multi-port cigarette light socket expanders are like that. The positive tip would either become intermittent or completely push itself out, even with very little effort, like the weight of its cable. So, when I see a device  plug with just one (negative pole) side-spring, I replace it with a two-sided plug, just to get a tighter fit.
    That’s why most folks bite the bullet and lop off the cigarette lighter plugs on their various astro devices, when switching to the much more reliable  Power Pole Rigrunner system.
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I didn't want to cut mine either so I have a cigarette lighter plug connected by power poles to a rigrunner.


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