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In fact, I was out last night with my AP130EDT on the AP900GTO CP2 (which was how I rediscovered the option to turn ON tracking since mine was set to STOP on start-up). Was a gorgeous night up here in rural Ontario.

I am planning to recommission my AP155EDF on the AP900GTO and start imaging with a new-to-me STL11000. LRGB for now. Built a second observatory to hold it. 12' clamshell.


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Well wonder no more, I will explain. When we first designed the system and keypad, some amateurs said that they would like the mount to operate without keypad so they could just turn it on and move around the sky manually with clutches loose, during the day or in the evening with an eyepiece, with the mount tracking. They did not want to go thru a startup procedure, especially during the day when the keypad is hard to read. Then when it was time to do some Go-To's or imaging, simply plug in the keypad, do an initial star sync and be on their merry way with full keypad or computer control.
That was the good ol' days when things were simpler. Does anyone do visual any more?
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I’ve always wondered how this convention got its start - I have never wanted a mount to track on startup. I suppose it’s too late to make safety the default on this one - I know that many telescope control programs also start tracking at connection. It’s a tough battle to fight. :-(

The default action should always be a safe one, IMO.

Ron Wodaski

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Unless you are running from a computer, the default setting in the keypad is to start tracking on power up. You can do one of two things, unplug the keypad after parking the mount, or set your keypad to tracking rate "STOP" before parking.
If you are running the mount from your computer, you can set the AP driver to not track on power up, but the keypad must be set to Autostart EXT or disconnected.
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A few days ago I unwittingly ran my mount into a wall. The result is I have to replace an expensive servo motor.  This happened because, as a newbie, I was unaware that powering up the mount caused it to start tracking.  Is there a setting that will stop this behavior? 

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