Re: ASCOM driver incorrect LST problem

Andy Galasso

Hi Ray,

I have the mount setup to initialize from the PC and the hand controller is not plugged in.  Here are my settings:

I believe I left out on important bit of information.  The slew was done by a script, something like this:

    scope.SlewToCoordinates(scope.SiderealTime + 2.5, 10.0)

When the ASCOM driver returned an incorrect value for SiderealTime, the scope did actually slew to the location it was asked to slew to. But since the SiderealTime reported by the ASCOM driver was wrong, that location was below the horizon.  This is consistent with the observation from the log that the mount itself was initialized correctly and working properly (and had the right sidereal time), but that the ASCOM driver was giving the wrong SiderealTime.

I think we can rule out the mount and focus on the question of why the ASCOM driver was giving the wrong SiderealTime.  Right?


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