ASCOM driver incorrect LST problem

Andy Galasso

Hi, I have a new 1100GTO mount and I encountered something strange when I started it up this evening.

I was following my usual routine of powering on the mount and slewing to an open area of the sky. The scope slewed to an unexpected location below the horizon and I noticed in the ASCOM driver window that the LST was off by about 5 hours. Screenshot:  The correct LST was about 13:39, but the ASCOM window showed 18:21. I confirmed that my Longitude was correct in the ASCOM driver window.

Trying to fix the problem I clicked "Resync Mount to PC Time", but that had no effect.  Next I tried "Send Longitude/Latitude to Mount" but that had no effect either.  Finally I terminated all my ASCOM clients to shutdown the ASCOM driver, then restarted it by connecting an ASCOM client.  At this point LST was correct. Screenshot:

Here are the logs from the log zipper:

I am very concerned that if this happens again and the LST is off by a larger amount it could cause a pier crash.  Is there any more info I can provide to help diagnose the problem?

I'm using the v5.06.05 driver.

Andy Galasso

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