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Your mount comes with PEMPRO and PEMPRO has a Polar Alignment wizard that seems to work fine for many people including me. The methods in the manual will work but if I were you I would acquire some software that can build a pointing model which can tell you how far off you are after a pointing run by analyzing the size and nature of the errors. Both maxpoint and tpoint (in the sky x) are really good at this. The poor man’s method is to use Alignmaster  which is about $20 but people sometimes have trouble with it because it requires that you have a relatively unobstructed horizon at your disposal. You do need a camera and a computer for all of these so, I’d follow Peter’s advice if you’re a visual observer. I’d also have a RAPAS for times when you might use the mount where you can see Polaris.




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Operating manuals for A-P mounts describe different methods for polar alignment. Did you read the manuals?

My preferred method is Quick Star Drift Alignment using finderscope. See page 6 of:

For other polar alignment methods, see page 19 of:


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OK, so I don't know what the heck I am doing.

Hopefully one of you can help me.


I have my AP 1200 mount set up as best I can. Cannot see the N star from where the scope is located. When on or near the Meridian Saturn is drifting South.

While imaging I am working the button on the hand controller like a computer game. :^)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Jim Phillips

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