Re: APCC 4K screen scaling issues

Tom Ellis

Ray you are absolutely correct!!! 

I shot myself in the foot on the app shortcut screen properties where I inadvertently told it to ignore higher res screens for scaling.  Mea Culpa, I will in the future try not to be a PIA.

I am now working on the "run as administrator BS"  that is screwing up the VP connectivity.  I found last evening, now that I have re-installed  APCC and V2,  the program execution is back correctly but when I would bring up SkyX and other apps and punch connect it would say "driver not found"  I had to go into the win8 regular program start screen and tell each app to "run as administrator".  Only then would clicking the "check port" return a positive connection.  Running the program shortcut from the desktop taskbar DOES NOT RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR! even if set the shortcut to do it automatically.  Talk about convoluted,  

Well at least now I now how to get everything to plug and play (or at least I think so).  I have made enough mistakes setting this up I am becoming a minor expert.  Now to grovel with Howard at AP

Thanks for having the patience of Job

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