Re: AP ASCOM driver v2 and MaxIm 6

Ray Gralak

I tried Maxim 6.08 and the driver works correctly. I don't see a 6.09 version available via doing a check for updates?

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Subject: [ap-gto] AP ASCOM driver v2 and MaxIm 6

Does anyone have MaxIm 6.09 working with the AP V2 ASCOM driver? When I start up a session and connect to
the driver, I always get one of these errors in the "Telescope" tab:

Error: Could not find property 'RightAscension' Reason: The RPC server is unavailable.
Error: Could not find property 'Slewing' Reason: The RPC server is unavailable

Slewing using MaxIm doesn't work properly, I assume because of these errors. The telescope moves but MaxIm
continues to say "Slewing - Moving Scope" in the Telescope tab forever (until I disconnect the mount), and the
N/S/E/W controls remain greyed out. I can turn tracking on and off so it appears MaxIm is talking to the mount.
Clicking the "Abort" button causes the message to change to "Slewing" but the buttons are still greyed out.

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I have also gotten this error at other times when pushing the "nudge" button:

MaxIm DL failed to start the slew:
'SlewtoCoordinatesAsync' exceeded timeout of 5000 ms by 3 ms.

Using the controls in the AP ASCOM driver window work properly, so my guess is the issue is in the
communication between the driver and MaxIm.

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