Re: APCC and ABORT SLEW via ASCOM Panel are different

Joe Zeglinski

    You are right.  My comment was a “heads-up”.
I think the default upon installing APCC is that it keeps the ASCOM panel displayed, for no particular purpose. That option can be unchecked in ASCOM setup. Just wondered if there was some other use  I had missed.
    I might have continued to use the old panel, minimizing the APCC main panel, since it takes up less screen space on a low res laptop, than the APCC. I don’t see the need for the full APCC panel, under normal operation, where the ASCOM tighter panel provided basic functions. However, I do like the 3D View, which initially was my main reason for eagerly awaiting the  APCC – and now the integrated RA-DEC & Alt-AZ GOTO’s, as well. There is a lot of power and flexibility in using APCC’s array of well laid out boxes.
    I once asked why the APCC NEAF/2013  video on the AP website, shows George’s screen with both old and new panels, and I was assured the ASCOM is redundant. I’m just suggesting that it can also fool someone into thinking that the previous operation operates the same  unchanged after APCC is installed - (even with the latest ASCOM driver update) – and either one can abort a slew. I found most option buttons do respond to APCC, but there are warnings in APCC documents, such as not finagling the Meridian Delay. Best not to override operations inside  apps, until checked.

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