Re: APCC and ABORT SLEW via ASCOM Panel are different

Dave Goodyear <dave@...>

Why would you keep/use the ascom panel if using apcc?

I never see the ascom panel any longer unless i evoke it in apcc to change scope settings. 

I must be using apcc incorrectly. 

Dave Goodyear

On Apr 11, 2015, at 1:14 PM, 'Joseph Zeglinski' J.Zeglinski@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:


    Just a warning about clicking ABORT SLEW using the ASCOM Flashing display.
    If APCC is running, do NOT click on the ASCOM panel – it now requires TWO clicks. The first click on the ASCOM panel, briefly pauses the slew for a few seconds, then APCC changes it slew message to say  it is “Resuming Slew”. If you click on ASCOM a second time, the APCC finally does stop the slew.
However, clicking ANY Stop button inside APCC, stops the slew immediately. Almost looks like the driver and the App has reversed their roles, in that instance at least.
    I trust other astronomy apps like The Sky-X etc., which have an Abort Slew button, respond on the the first click.
    That is dangerous – don’t see any need to waste screen space for the ASCOM panel, if you installed APCC. Clicking on the ASCOM Panel  Abort, only once,  could easily continue moving the scope into the pier or other hazard. Unless there is a good reason for having both control panels displayed, I am going to kill its launch at APCC startup.
    As I recall, before the APCC Beta came out, the ASCOM driver also flashed a warning window – asking the user if he was “really serious” about requesting that last Abort command, while “still continuing” to slew into disaster as it waited his reply. Fortunately, that was fixed, and a single ASCOM click is now enough to really Stop – provided ... you are NOT running in APCC mode.

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