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Joe Zeglinski


Absolutely agree !

After sleeping on what I had posted, I realized, as you just said, it would be quite impossible to expect you to spend time for all the possible problems on everyone's particular APCC and ASCOM bug or problem. Certainly, no reason to waste your own disk space with an uploaded user video file. You're just one guy, producing this great stuff, and all your other apps outside of AP. You are one who does have a regular day job, and I am absolutely amazed at the quality and sophistication of astronomy apps you have given us all. It speaks volumes about your dedication to this hobby.

Other larger companies, like say an ISP, and many software app providers, etc. actually do ask to "log into a client's PC" and take it over to examine the problem (using TeamViewer, actually) - but they have a fairly large staff of " 3rd tier techs" - with support from two more expert tier levels in their company. They are available 24/7 in all time zones, and are hired part time for such support.

Actually, I appreciated Howard logging in yesterday, even as a witness to this APCC bug, and that I hadn't done something bad in installing or running.

So, even though "Jing" would be redundant for capturing video, when TV already does that, I will try it again, and also compare its output to TV for upload. In fact, I saw a web post claiming TV's video capture .tv-file format was about the smallest there was, so it seemed like a decent choice. Perhaps it is a matter of opinion, or something posted by a TV staff "shill".

But, this being Saturday already, I don't think I will meet your Monday APCC revision release deadline. If it matters and I'm late on that, then perhaps check with Howard, who noticed some weird "servo gearing info" in the real time log stream, which could be related to the 3D View flip error.

Actually, the APCC 3D View showed the mount position "inverted" - Unparked and "Sidereal Tracking ... for 2 hours" - from the startup problem at Park-2 & 3, while I waited for Howard to log in. After 2 hours, and with the real AP-900 mount still tracking properly, I opened & closed 3D View, as well as other APCC boxes, and nothing would trigger 3D View to "Re-Sync itself" to the actual mount position. Absolutely nothing re-syncs 3D View after initialization at its launch, and there is no flashing icon, warning the user to do it manually when it is wrong. Wouldn't even matter, since I showed Howard many Re-Syncs at the problem cross-points, and some flipped it back and forth several times, before it eventually stabilized, away from the cross-point region. Definitely a reliability problem for remote users - but in defense, the documentation does warn about accepting Mount's 3D Virtual View, on blind faith, rather than installing webcams. So, 3D View is generally nice to have but has a slightly diminished value, in its present state.

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Unfortunately that's even worse than I thought. Instead of TV I could use Jing to capture with a much smaller file and not waste so much waste disk space! :-))

Asking for a user to provide a screen video and logs is something that is common in the software industry so I was not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary. I simply don't have time to log into people's computers to capture video if they do not want to learn how to create a small video with Jing. You seem technical enough to be able to use Jing, so why not? It's free and makes tiny videos, and it would help me.

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