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Ray Gralak


Unfortunately that's even worse than I thought. Instead of TV I could use Jing to capture with a much smaller file and not waste so much waste disk space! :-))

Asking for a user to provide a screen video and logs is something that is common in the software industry so I was not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary. I simply don't have time to log into people's computers to capture video if they do not want to learn how to create a small video with Jing. You seem technical enough to be able to use Jing, so why not? It's free and makes tiny videos, and it would help me.

-Ray Gralak
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We seem to have a total misunderstanding here.

(1) You login using TeamViewer, and see the same APCC screen I do.
(2) you immediately click on TV's RECORD (YOUR local session of my APCC
running) button
(3) You run a few tests on my mount
(4) you click TV's Stop Recording button - the recording of the session is
now "already " on your side of the connection, not mine
(5) you drag the APCC log file - tiny one less, than a megabyte - from my
computer's APCC folder, viewed in the TV window, to your desktop (or where
ever). Easy if the session window is made smaller than your entire desktop,
(6) You now have both the video already recorded on your computer, and the
corresponding APCC log DATA file.
(7) Log out - run TV locally and point at the captured video, play, forward,
backspace, to see the times on the ASCOM panel, to match up with the APCC
log file - exactly as you described.

So, what are you missing - all the data and the corresponding video
recording is already on your site. Why mess with even more software like
Jingo or YouTube - TV already delivered everything you need, as part of its
session. I suspect you are confusing the really lame Microsoft Remote
Desktop. with anything useful. Download a free copy of TeamViewer and try

I give up - is there a US/CDN language issue here !


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Even simpler - Howard logged into my system tonight, using TeamViewer
and we both operated the mount with APCC. No need for me to capture a log
file or to save a huge recording. Tech support can just click on the
TeamViewer menu "EXTRA->RECORD", and the entire session is immediately
recorded right onto the tech support hard drive, as a .tv file for easy
replay any time using TeamViewer itself. No messy savings on the customer
site, no emailing or FTP, or complicated or unreliable recorder apps, or
long and dubious conversions. The file replays quite easily at the support
Except that it was *GIGA* bytes in size making it usable when remoted into
YOUR computer!!!

I don't see what's wrong with uploading to youtube?

So, no need for any other screen capture program. Works extremely well.
Except I'm the one who would have to fix it, and I need to have the log and
video *offline* to debug the problem (NOT on your computer).

Looking at the logs and trying to decipher what happened is time consuming
and I can't do that while remoted into another computer.

-Ray Gralak
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Author of Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver:
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