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We are still evaluating the tweak that we made to the encoder correction in the V1 chip before issuing an upgrade to all encoder mounts.




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Is the V1 chip available to the GP?  Hoping soon for us encoder users. I heard there some guiding fixes. 


Dave Goodyear


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Received the new V1 chip and have a few questions:  I understand fully how to physically get the chip installed I have a few questions regarding initializing it.


Since I use a computer to drive the system…the directions offer to “make sure that the options to send all of the time, date…to the mount”…does this mean in the ASCOM driver I click “re-synch mount to PC time” and then on the next “page” click “send longitude and latitude to mount”…or is there another option(s) that I am missing?


Do I need to have the hand pad plugged in while I do this or just power the mount up and use the software to initialize?  I know I will have to synch on a star to update pointing and that PEM will be shot and need to be retrained.


Finally, with the Q version I had previously, Tpoint would lose accuracy over time and not point well, primarily in RA…since the new chip is supposed to allow positional accuracy virtually indefinitely, will Tpoint now work like it is supposed to?  




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