Mount query in J2000 or JNow?



If a software like Sequence Generator Pro (SGP), Maxim, The SkyX, etc. queries the mount for Epoch, what will GTOCP3 or A-P V2 ASCOM driver respond: J2000 or JNow?

I am currently using SGP along with latest A-P V2 ASCOM driver and SGP just made an upgrade and said the following:

"All coordinates in SGP are assumed to be J2000. This is always true for:

  • Framing and Mosaic Wizard
  • Elbrus
  • (when using Nova)

You should set Pinpoint to J2000 and if you're manually inputting coordinates into SGP those need to be J2000 as well. Also if you're using ANSVR that should also be set to output J2000.

We may change this behavior later on. But we believe in incremental development (no need to spend weeks developing something if that's not the right solution). So we put this out as an initial fix and may adjust later depending on feedback.

SGP will read the epoch from the mount and translate the coordinates into that epoch. So if the mount is J2000 it will stay J2000. If it is JNow they will be converted."


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