Re: How to clear out a previous APCC install (registry) because you really screwed up :(

Ray Gralak

Hi Tom,

Honestly I don’t see how anything in the registry would be at fault. Both the driver and apcc use settings files and not the registry. To me this sounds like you have a mixture of apps running as administrator and some not. Running the installers as administrator does not matter nor hurt anything.

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Well, Howard AP assisted me in figuring out that the VP was a hub and not an individual port for software package
connect. (had to use taskmaster to get the apps to quit and probably cause the corruption there). Even though I can
see the USB/RS232 port on COM1 ping/ponging information an app connection FM4, SkyX, MaxDL6, PinPoint,
PemPro2, AP 1200. if they do connect will not exchange info as required. However if I make SkyX use the Bisque
driver works fine on a separate VP. I have installed and reinstalled the V2 latest and older driver but to no avail. FM4
will absolutely hang and not shut down because it want the driver to complete the app shutdown.

Equipment, Dell XPS15 9530 core I 7, 512GB SSD, 3200x1800 Nvidia video, ANKER USB 3.0 7 PORT HUB
(USB2 HUB WOULD NOT HANDLE THE LOAD). Win8.1 (latest updates).

Most apps were installed with “run as administrator” (didn’t read your “readme” close enough and now I cannot
reinstall without it) .

The hole is deep and there is about 128g of software and 128g of files on the SSD. I have a good idea of how to
clear the registry, (had issues with other programs that have VP, Flex 5000K, VSPE, DDutil, Comcat,
HamRadioDelux just to mention a few of the amateur radio apps that make VP. I just wanted to see if you had any
hidden hooks in the registry. When VSPE goes crook it really goes crook.

Aloha and telegraphers 73


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