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Stuart Heggie <stuart.j.heggie@...>

Don't get me started on the mice that made a home in my Paramount ME. $4000 damage later and ... Like who knew they liked to eat communications cables and power cables and mother boards? Now my Paramount ME has a new brain and ALL the holes sealed tight with metal plates.

I have never had bugs or mice in my AP900GTO. Not sure there is much of anywhere for them to go on that mount. Luckily!


On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 4:12 PM, j.blazey@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

Literally, bugs.  Stink bugs and those fake ladybugs to be exact (I didn't know they co-habitated).  But no spiders.

I was removing my TEC 200ED to add an extra support ring to the dovetail so I decided to take the 1100 inside and clean it up a bit.  I have the whole installation "bagged and tagged" with a large Telegizmos 360 tarp which has worked extremely well over the last year.  When I removed the 1100's DEC assembly, about a couple of dozen of the critters fell out onto the pier top.  Yuck! Looking inside, the RA cavity was loaded them.  

So I brought out the shop-vac and went to work.  There must have been a hundred or more of them in the mount.  They even got into the rotating pier top through the small hole in the back.   The 1100 itself does have a few openings in it, like at the top of the DEC axis for cabling so I bet that's how they got in.  

But the mount worked just fine, even filled with bugs.  I swapped out the 1100 for the 900 Goto while doing more inspection and cleaning of the 1100.  The 900 does not have the openings except a small hole in the rotating pier top which will get taped over once I've got it aligned.

So when the 1100 goes back in service, I'll getting out the duct tape.



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