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Two lovely images Bob and a great back-story to go with them!


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Hi All,

Seeing the Eta Carinae Nebula and Centaurus A for the first time In January, among others in the southern skies, boggled the mind.  Maybe that happens the second, third and umpteenth time as well.


Hard to grasp that E Car is four times the size of the Orion Nebula and its namesake star 90 times the mass and 5 million times the luminosity of the sun. Good thing it’s 7,500 light-years or so away. 


What is it about these southern sky nebulae that always seem to involve animals (as in tarantulas and chickens)? Eta Car contains the profile of a long-beaked (tropical?) bird.


Watching the images of Cent A download on the laptop through the night was no less breathtaking. Sky conditions were good enough in northern Chile to see fine details in the dust lanes in each sub.


These are further in a series of images from Hacienda Los Andes, Chile, near Cerro Tololo, captured in January with my FSQ-85, QSI 583wsg, Lodestar guider and Astrodon filters. All atop an AP Mach 1 mount and Eagle Pier provided by the Hacienda. Seeing: 1.1-1.3. My thanks to HLA owner Daniel Verschatse for helping to set things up. (And the Pisco sours.)

Eta Carinae Nebula:

Centaurus A:

(Click on the image for higher resolution, and on the crossed red arrows in the upper right of that one for full resolution.)

Thanks for looking,

Bob Gillette

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