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I have a setup just like George described and I use a 900gto, with a TEC140 and either a TV85/102 or Lunt solar on the other side.  I think the setup that George describes works really well.  I upgraded to it from using a home made setup using to 8" saddles and a 15" Losmandy universal.  With the old system I always had a heck of a time getting the scopes to be parallel and to keep them parallel (because the system was "cobbled together" and the components weren't meant to work the way I was using them).  The AP system is like everything else "Amazing".

To balance, I found this webpage which describes the sequence that I now use and I think it works pretty well (scroll half way down to see the steps)

G11 & Gemini Tips


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I have an 1100. I use a dove8 on the mount. I use a ADM HD Maxguide. On top I use any combination of  27 lb. 4"APO. An AT72, or an Edge 9.25 Cat.

I have zero issues with this setup. I reorient my Dove8 from N-S and using Park 3 for single OTA to E-W with Park 2 for SBS. For visual use I don't even have to recal for accurate go to.

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You will need a total of three dovetail saddles and one side-by-side dovetail plate.   For the setup that you describe I recommend two DOVELM162 and one DOVLM2 saddles and the 16” Side-by-Side dovetail plate (SBD16SS).   See:     and     and


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Just wondering about the feasibility of mounting two scopes in parallel on my AP1100. For example,  5" refractor and a small (9") CAT or another wide-field refractor. If it's feasible, suggestions as to hardware and methods for alignment so each scope is pointing at the same place. Thanks!

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