Re: Replacement azimuth clamps for 600E series

Ron Wodaski <ronw@...>

For anyone who would like to lay there mount down, there is a good option
from the same source. The parts I have outlined on my web site are "normally
engaged," in the sense that, if you turn the handle, the screw turns as
well. you can lift the handle a quarter of an inch to disengage, and
reposition the handle.

McMaster-Carr offers another little handle, which just arrived today, that
is "normally disengaged." That is, the handle turns freely, but if you press
down on the handle, it engages the screw and you can adjust it. This has the
nice safety feature that if you bump the handle at any time, you will not
change the tension on the screw. The part information is:

Part number 6610K33, "Teardrop plastic safety adjustable clamping handle M6
threaded stud, 20mm stud length, 35mm handle"

The plastic looks like it would tolerate moisture well. I have not installed
this part on my mount (it's packed up for a trip to Arizona right now), but
I will give these a try in a week or two and report back.

Ron Wodaski

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From: Marj []
Sent: Monday, March 27, 2000 12:54 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Re: Replacement azimuth clamps for 600E series

You are full of good ideas and your explanations are very clear (looking for
a technical writer/customer service job?). The side bolts on the 600E mount
are M12x1.75P. An alternate supplier is Reid Tool Supply Co.
Phone:1-800-253-0421 (at least as of 1997). We have provided them to several
people in northern latitudes since the normal knob would be in the way. I
don't know the exact part number.

We did consider this type of handle a couple of years ago, but did not add
them as a standard item to the mount for several reasons:
The stainless handles are very expensive, but less expensive ones would
rust. Since few people would realize the benefits, the cost was prohibitive.
The mounts are already expensive to produce.
The handles would protrude from the side and would be likely to be damaged
when people lay their mounts down (and they do), especially the plastic

Having said this, it is a great idea for our tips and techniques section of
the web site, if we ever have time to work on it.


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From: Ron Wodaski []
Sent: Saturday, March 25, 2000 1:09 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Replacement azimuth clamps for 600E series

I have taken some pictures of the replacement clamps I installed on my AP
600 base. They work very well, and are really easy to install. You probably
don't need detailed instructions, but I posted them anyway. The details are
there so folks can see what the result is, and decide if it's worth doing:

Links to the McMaster-Carr web site and to the catalog page where these
puppies are sold are on the page above.

Next project: those big bolts that lock down altitude adjustment. Anyone
happen to know the thread on those, to save me a trip to the hardware store
to find out?

Ron Wodaski

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