Re: AP V2 ASCOM v5.06.01 driver crashes when I click on RA Polar Scope Tool

Christopher Erickson

Could there be a long tree root growing out under your pier?

Christopher Erickson
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    I found the RAPAS Polar Align to be a great tool. For some reason, my “perfect” polar alignment from last fall, had shifted considerably now in January. The 200 lbs of scope and mount sit on a Losmandy tripod with its feet planted on cinder blocks buried in the lawn, so I didn’t expect it to shift. I don’t know if it was frost heave for gale force winds that shifted something, but the polar alignment was now way off.
    Being that far off Polaris, starting with Pempro was a hassle, so I re-attached the RAPAS, and dialed-in Polaris,  using Ray’s RAPAS program. The RAPAS had been  aligned to the AP-1200 adapter plate last fall, and re-attaching it now was perfect, quick & easy. Alignment using the ZOOM feature in the program, then stretching that window even more, made the task a breeze, since I could see a huge magnification of the required circle position on a “somewhat distant” laptop screen, a few feet away. RAPAS results were darned good, a really handy device, then PemPro brought polar alignment back into perfection, with hairline adjustments.
    I would say that even if the polar alignment is “somewhat” off, I would start by using the RAPAS, before getting into computer techniques. It gives you a head start, and speeds things up considerably, without the back pains of the old PASILLx polar scopes. The RAPAS is an excellent instrument.

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