Re: AP V2 ASCOM v5.06.01 driver crashes when I click on RA Polar Scope Tool

Christopher Erickson

I believe the $44.95 Rigel Systems Pulsguide illuminator will screw right into the RAPAS.
It offers brightness control, blink rate and blink duration.
Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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Just a small warning about using the RAPAS.
    One thing I found was that the red LED lighting was still too bright,  even at its minimum setting. So, I turned it off in between Polaris sightings, to see the actual star – difficult to spot in urban regions. I think the bright red image’s  momentary retention in the eye, and the black grid lines still distinguishable against a somewhat bright sky background work quite well. A better approach would have been to have an LED light that blinks at a settable rate, so that one could find the star which might be sitting on a wide and bright RAPAS  reticle  line. But, turning the LED off & on manually was easy.
    One minor nuisance during AP mount polar alignment is that the “thick”  DEC cable perfectly bisects the open Polar sighting port on the mount. One time, I waited quite a while, thinking that some thin clouds had briefly eclipsed Polaris, when it was actually the cable doing that. Now, I tape the DEC cable’s loop,  to the side of the mount, away from the porthole, while using the RAPAS. Wish that the DEC connector had a right angle boot.
That user warning should be added to the instruction sheet.
    The RAPAS is an excellent instrument, even if just used “seasonally” to recheck alignment on a permanent setup.

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