Re: New member: AP GTO on Parallax mount

Mike Mah

Hi Steve,

It is my impression that the AP GTO on the Parallax implements the same
software as with the AP mounts. Keypad controller and control panel
should be the same except that the control panel on the 125 is not
built into the mount but is in a little pouch which one hangs from one
of the bolts on the equatorial head. Joe Nastasi of Parallax says that
the same servo motors are used.

With the few times I have used the mount, it seems sturdy and solid
enough. It tracks fine for visual purposes but I have yet to do drift
alignment. One of these days, I'll learn how to use my CCD camera and
take some pictures.

The gears on the motors are exposed, so I have to be careful that
cables don't get caught in them. The clutches are of the knob kind and
do not completely lock the axes as they still can be moved by hand,
although I suspect that this by design.

Mike Mah

"steve leikind" <> wrote:
original article:

I am afraid I cannot help, but it sounds like you are getting useful
information form others on this list. I am curious if you have any
general impressions you can share on the Parallax implementation of
AP Goto. This is the only company other than AP itself, that uses the
AP GOTO with its mounts. Also, what do you think about the Parallax
mount itself? Sounds like you have a lot of stuff on their given the
size of the 125 though the 1200 you have on order should handle this
easily. Any comments on tracking, stability etc. of the 125? Thanks.


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