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howard lazarus <lazhow@...>

Hello again , Mike.

I use a pier and have never had the scope hit the pier. Set your slew or
pier stop number to will handle problems annd you will be able to
go to the zenith. You must be very careful on the setting up on your keypad
as you have already learned ...i think you will be set to go and hope you
enjoy you new mount. Mine is almost two years old being recieved in Oct 98.

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Hi Howard,

Whoops, I just realized the values for longitude and latitude were
reversed - I've corrected it to long W 79:24, lat N 43:52 (I copied the
info from my LX200 manual where the order is lat/long rather than

Thanks again.

Mike Mah

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Hi Howard,

1) yes long W 43:52, lat N 79:24
2) yes time zone 5, DS 0

but I double checked the time and it was one hour advanced. This could
account for the horizon problem.

3) yes, polar alignment with Sirius/Procyon.

Thanks. Any idea re safety zone?

Mike Mah

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Hi Mike;
First do you have the correct long. and lat. settings.???
Second do you have the correct time zone/ daylight or standard.

Third did you do a polar alignment and did you start off with a

Hope that helps
Howard Lazarus

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