Re: This might be a stupid question - figured it out


Hi Derek -

Thanks for the note. The pin isn't the problem, the shaft actually does get
wider at the end opposite the threads.

I tried the following a few times earlier this morning. When I put the counter
weight on the threaded end, hold the shaft upright, and then drop the 9 pound
weight, it stops about 1/2 inch from the end. I'd really have to bang on it to
get it all the way off the unthreaded end. Along most of the shaft it moves
fine with no binding, but I just can't get it past the end. I did about 10
drops in a row, and it didn't seem to perceptibly loosen up any or move farther
towards the end of the shaft. Each time it stopped about 1/2 inch from the end.

I'll call AP tomorrow and I'm sure they can clarify or fix things.



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I agree with what Eric said below.

Sometimes, I have to gently push the pin down, even when the
counterweight screw is in the "out" position.

If you look through the counterweight and turn it to various positions
you should see what is happening.

I doubt the counterweight shaft gets wider at the bottom, but you can
test that by threading the weight onto one end, then sliding it off the


I have only had my 900 GTO for a little over a week and only had a chance to
use it once but have a suggestion for you. I thread the counterweight shaft
on first, then slide the counterweights on. I found that although I had
loosened the counterweight knob , if the counterweights were facing up, the
brass pin would slide down and get in the way of sliding the counterweights
up the shaft. So I just rotated the counterweights so that they faced
downward and gravity would cause the brass pin to slide out of the way. Once
the counterweights were on the shaft I just rotated them around so that the
knobs are at a more convenient position for me to adjust.
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