Re: Mach1 vs 900gto

Christopher Erickson

Tough call.  I have both and love both and couldn't give up either one.

If the extra weight doesn't bother you, go with the 900.

Christopher Erickson
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Summit Kinetics
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On Aug 23, 2014 11:25 AM, "shoff535@... [ap-gto]" <ap-gto@...> wrote:

hello,I'm new here because I am searching for a new mount.  I primarily am trying to determine what the pros and cons are of these two mounts.  Some of the differences are fairly straight forward, such as greater instrument capacity, wind load resistance and internal cabling.  But what are some of the more subtle differences between these two? For AP my greatest load would likely be a TEC140, and for visual I like to do a tandem setup with a TV102 and a Lunt60 and from what I gather even though the Mach1 is a "lighter" duty mount than the 900 it should handle either of these applications with ease, correct?

If I go with the Mach1 I have the flexibility of buying either new (feb2015) or used, whereas with the 900gto I have to go with a used mount, and if I go that route, and get one with the CP3 are there any downsides?

Steve H

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