Re: mach1 drifting

A J Trotta

Rolando,My problem  was nothing more than track being set to STOP.I was working with someone from AP about a meridian flip problem and we must have changed the track setting.Hoping to get out tomorrow.I am confident tracking will be ok.Thanks

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Hello AJ,
Something is not slipping on the mach1. The clutches on that mount do not slip easily, even when loose. And even if all bolts that hold the mount adjustments are loose, you will get no drift.
Please explain the amount of drift. Is it 1x sidereal? Is it less, or is it more? Without that knowledge it is virtually impossible for anyone to offer proper advise.
If you cannot answer that, you can easily remove the motor box cover and look at the rotation of the motor shaft during sidereal tracking. What is the rate that it turns, number of seconds it takes to rotate one time?
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I was out tonite and had rapid drifting to the scope end.The scopes and weights were mounted in the positions I have been using successfully for over a year.All clutches were tight.Something seemed to be slipping.Anyone have any ideas?

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