Re: Threads stuck on an AP Field Flattener

Christopher Erickson

Be careful using freezing methods with cells that hold optics. They could
contract too far and crack the optics.

AP machines the cells for large optics a tiny-bit bigger if they know that
they are going to extreme-cold climates.

Christopher Erickson
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Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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To free parts that are already seized, use plumbers pipe freezer
spray on the part you want to CONTRACT....

...and a hair dryer (or heat gun, _very_ carefully) on the part you
want to EXPAND.

To stop parts EVER seizing again, use COPPER GREASE - it's whole
purpose in life is to stop parts seizing.

COPPER GREASE is available widely from plumber's merchants, DIY stores,

Can use it anywhere (sparingly, with a cotton bud on small parts). I
just use my finger for applying to larger parts, like the counterweight

I've only had to apply it once, about 14 years ago. The
counterweight shaft has never seized since then.

After removing the shaft (for transport) I simply put the screw end
in a plastic bag with a rubber band round it. This stops debris
getting into the grease.

Philip Perkins
Wiltshire UK & Luberon France
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