Re: Threads stuck on an AP Field Flattener

Harley Davidson

Have you tried this yet:
Just a thought... :)

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Thanks for the replies.   I tried the gloves and cleaning the rubber strap wrenches. No luck. I am a bit afraid of putting my flattener in the freezer.   I think I am going to send it to AP Monday. 

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You might try putting it  in the freezer. Slightly different alloys of the metals may free then up. If doesn’t work try heating slightly, maybe by setting in the sun.




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I have an AP Field Flattener for my 155 and the threads are too tight to twist off.  I have the adapter for a DSLR stuck on the front.  I would normally not need to take it apart but I can hear the elements move inside and wanted to see if I could tighten them.


First, any suggestions for getting the threads loose?  I have some strap wrenches and they don't work.


Second, If I can eventually get the front adapter off, can I easily tighten the lens elements or should I send it back to AP?



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