Re: wire guage

dan kowall

I would hesitate to call some of the suggestions 'good'.
The best suggestion was to consult an electrician. <g>
Obvious advice would be to run a 220V feed. This lessens the current draw.
Give it its' own breaker at the main box.
Divide the 220V at a subpanel in the observatory. Insure that it's balanced.
Although there are differing thoughts about separate ground rods, many codes require one ground rod which means that the common white/neutral buss bar in the subpanel needs to be separated. Not all subpanel boxes have this capability.
If you're at all confused by this advice, 'consult an electrician'.
Electrical matters aren't trivial and many people mess them up.

dan kowall, (also a retired builder)


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Date: Sunday, June 29, 2014, 3:13 PM

thank you guys. all good suggestions.Actually
I am a retired home builder and do know the codes. I just
don't know about voltage drops &amperage
drop due to voltage drop. If any.I will do more
research before starting my project.

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