Some New and Some Reprocessed Images

Steve Reilly

Back this past April I acquired a new to me NEC MultiSync wide gamut monitor and I decided to revisit some on my older images as well as some of the more recent. One thing is clear when using such a monitor is that most problems will become more apparent especially if your background is anything less than dark. So I decided to try reprocessing some of these images to see if I could produce what I thought was a better then original image. Of course I’ve learned a few more things about processing since some of these were taken and use new to me processes in software than before so it’s not exactly a fair comparison. What I do notice is that the images will be somewhat lighter on the off the shelf computer monitors than on this calibrated monitor so there is that difference. I do use a calibrator on the off the shelf monitor but there is a wide difference in the two side by side.


The two monitors are both connected to this computer and the NEC is setup as an extended workspace so if I drag this window from Outlook halfway across to cover both screens just the white background is different. The NEC is white while the Hanns is bluish/yellowish white. Anyway, I’ve uploaded several pages that have links to these images. So far there are 10 images each with a link to either a 1600 or 2000 pixel wide image. I’ve just only noticed some deringing on the NGC7129 image and will address that.


Direct links to these two pages are:


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