Re: COM Port Problems!

Brian Brown

Thanks for all the great responses, I have a Keyspan en route now, and was able to dig up an adapter I had here from "Plugable". With the straight-through RS-232 cable I was using for EQMOD with my Atlas I am able to get connected to both PEMPro and Starry Nights Pro 7. This should give me a fighting chance at a polar alignment tonight. But I do have one weird issue to resolve: it seems that the mount has a will of its own regarding where it wants to point. I was using the keypad in the SN7 telescope controller and the mount seemed determined to go off on its own. Does the AP1200 have to be zeroed after the rough north polar alignment (in my case very rough)? It works fine with the hand controller while being manually pointed, but goes off in unexpected directions when given GoTo commands for objects in the catalog -- it's off by 45 or more degrees. I noticed in the settings that I could not input -77 for my longitude, it would only take 077 on the key pad. Could this be a factor?  What am I doing wrong here? Thanks again.

Clear Skies,

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