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Brian Brown

Hi Christopher,

The Device Manager is showing the port as COM3 when the serial adapter is plugged in, the icon disappears when it is unplugged-this is expected, yes?  I cannot tell you what brand the adapter is, but it's not one of the big names; it has been used successfully for linking other computers. DV says it is currently using the newest drivers, but I did not see any info that specifically said they were for 64-bit. Do you or anyone else out there have specific recommendations for a good USB to Serial adapter, I would be happy to spring for a quality connection (or two). Thanks!

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USB ports are not assigned COM port numbers, USB-to-Serial adapters are.
What are you using for a USB-to-Serial adapter?
And did you install the correct 64-bit drivers for it?
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I have a brand-new-to-me AP 1200 and am trying to hook it up my to my Asus Windows 8 lap top using ASCOM V2 Telescope Driver - v5.05.31. While the ASCOM control panel says it wants COM3 and my lap top Device Manager shows my second right hand USB port to be COM3, I keep getting a "Mount not found" response. I have used both the upper and lower RS-232 ports on the mount and get nothing, I am pretty sure I have accurately identified the appropriate USB port on the lap top. Can someone please help me out with this one?

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