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Suresh Mohan

Howard when I bought the mount new I remember the PEC off PE used to be close to 7 or so

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Ok I think I got it 

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Hi Howard ,
           I pulled the RAW curve out only to see if curve was stored . Immediately after switching on PEC and doing a run for 5 cycles I got 1 arc sec peak to peak . Now I switched of the mount after sending the curve to the mount . Next day same place. Same orientation I got 10 arc sec peak to peak with PEC on 
Is this expected behavior or did I do something wrong

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Hi Suresh,


I can’t say for sure, but I bet you created a second curve from the PEC ON test and then loaded this into the mount.  The telltale clue is that you pulled the curve from the mount and it only showed the 1 arc-sec. PE.   A curve that corrects 10 arc-seconds must also have a magnitude of 10 arc-seconds.   It will be the inverse of the actual PE.   I’m afraid you probably wrote over your usable 10” curve with your 1” results curve. 


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I just thought I would add that I did the calibration routine each time

> On Jun 5, 2014, at 2:30 PM, Suresh Mohan <drsureshmohan@...> wrote:
> After running pempro I get from 10 arc sec peak to peak( pec off) to 1 arc sec peak to peak ( pec on )after running it . Now I switch off the mount and run with PEC ON but I get 10 arc sec peak to peak ! To verify I pulled out the curve in the mount which shows only 1 arc sec .
> What am I doing wrong
> Suresh

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