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Hi Eric......
I have very interested in converting my setup to a RigRunner setup. Would you be kind enough to send me a list of the necessary components, perhaps a diagram of the connections/routing and some pictures. It's a lot to ask but without them I will probably get lost.
John Thompson
Scottsdale Arizona

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The RigRunner setup shown in my link( was built from parts ordered on the Internet. I was helped by a friend who had developed his own setup and knew what to purchase. Besides the RigRunner and the power source, the key parts are the flexible cables to carry 12V power and the powerpole connectors. Other than that there is the black wrap you see coming down from the RigRunner to the power supply and containing the usb cable that goes to the usb extension cable and to the computer. You will need a tool to make the power pole connections.

All the components set on a base plate covered with a large velcro sheet. The plate is secured to the top d-plate on the scope. All the control components attach to the base plate with velcro. So you can move the entire assemble from one scope to another, changing only those conponents needed. So for example, on the AP 130 GT, I use another type of auto focus, so that controller is switched out.

We kept the power source for the Mach 1. But that could just as easily been eliminated and power taken from the RigRunner to the mount. I just like to start up the mount separably.

If you are interested, I could ask my friend if he is willing to put together a list of components you would need to build your own system. I could also send you detailed pictures of my setup. Let me know.


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