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Mark Striebeck

Just as a data point. I am using a Mach1 mount with a Takahashi TOA-130. With everything on it (camera, guider, filter wheel, reducer...) it is going up to the 20 kg limit for the Mach1 mount. But I don't see any guiding issues (when comparing to my much shorter and lighter Celestron 8" EDGE scope).


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Hi Ron:

I suspect you will get more answers if you go to Cloudy Nights on the refractors forum.  See here for an example:

I am sure that the Mach1 will do a great job on any 5" medium f-ratio refractor.


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope that this is not too off-topic but I am considering the addition of a triplet refractor in the neighborhood of 130 mm to mount on my Mach1. The intended uses are planetary viewing/imaging, wider field (than my C--11 HD) imaging as well as visually splitting doubles. Any advice is appreciated. (I'm sorry Rolando but your fine refractors are outside of my budget)


Ron K

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